Terms and Conditions


Cancel your booking by contacting the Lady Helen team directly via phone or email. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of 30 euro per person. This will be charged to the card details provided at booking.

Any deposit or booking fees that have already been processed are also non-refundable.


In the event of a guest’s non-arrival (no-show), a cancellation fee of 30 euro per person. This will be charged to the card details provided at booking.


Our opening hours are subject to change.


Children over 12 years of age are welcome to dine at the Lady Helen.


Please notify the restaurant team of any dietary requirement in advance of your booking.


Any special instructions you have submitted directly by email or phone.


Group bookings or 10 or more will be considered a private dining experience and will be subject to a room hire fee. We reserve the right to request a deposit on bookings of 10 or more and further terms & conditions may apply, for further details please contact the Lady Helen team directly.

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This certificate features a unique reference ID code, may only be redeemed once, may not be exchanged for cash, part redeemed, replaced if lost and is non-transferable. Please quote the gift-certificate ID reference when reserving your experience with the venue (using the contact details shown on this certificate). Subject to availability. Terms & Conditions subject to change.


By submitting an enquiry form via the website you agree to send the restaurant your request. This request is not a reservation but an enquiry. The restaurant will endeavour to accommodate your party, however, there is no guarantee of availability. A member of our the Lady Helen team will respond to your enquiry.
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